peace village joinus You can live each day in a world filled with “problems,” or rise each morning and embrace a world filled with unseen solutions…The decision is yours…both worlds exist. The one you choose is the one you will create”. ~Michael McMillan

If you have chosen and sincerely desire to create a peaceful world then you are most welcome to join GPV to play your role.

We have envisioned four levels to achieve our great noble vision. The first level is Micro level at your personal level; you need to progress two simple steps to get GPV membership. The third level is membership sustenance level, which would be communicated to you once you become the member.

You need to go through the two steps below. Once you have successfully completed these steps then you will be graduating as a member of the “Global Peace Village”

You need go through this process by yourself, setting your own schedules, verify and validate yourself and successfully complete it. In case if you face any difficulty you are free to mail us



1. Forgive Unconditionally

Do you harbor any hurt feelings (person, incident, place, object etc), please proceed to forgive now.

- Recall the hurt feeling (if any) from your childhood to till date

- Take time to reconcile and forgive

2. Release/Forget/Trash

Please release that hurt feeling from you and never ever recycle that.

If you have completed these two steps, you automatically become a member of our GPV, welcome to Global Peace Village

Global Villagers

  • Jeeva Margret Towle - Chennai, India
  • Denzil Peacer - Chennai, India
  • Sylvia Richards - US
  • Shanta Kumar - Dubai
  • Vasanthy Thavarajah- Montreal, Canada

Come Join Us

"Rather than predicting the future, it's our job to shape it" - Dr. M. S. Swaminathan, Lets join togather to make this world a better place, let us give peace a chance...Click here to join us

Our Vision

Our Vision :
To nurture Global Peace
Our Mission:
To be a piece of Peace
do it alone, person to person


Peace Villa
No. 61, VOC Street, Vishnu Nagar
Chennnai, Tamilnadu - 600 066
Telephone:   91-9840487072

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