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Global Peace Village:: about us A blend of human hard work, intelligence and technology has transformed this world in a small village. We are able to see, hear, reach each other from end to end of the globe and almost everything is possible now. We are mostly isolated, empowered with ultimate freedom,wealth and saddled with gadgets all the time.

The causality of these massive developments is that we have very little or no time to live and nurture ourselves, our humanism, relationship, values, ethics and most important our family. These have parched up our love, made us harder, inhumane, and greedy, less tolerance, quick to anger etc causing disharmony among friends, couples, families, nations and ultimate havoc to humanity.

Its is high time that we need to shift our focus, slow down, break walls around us, relate with people and the most important thing is to spend more quality time with our family.

When Mother Teresa received the Noble prize (1979), she was asked, "What can we do to promote world peace?" She answered "Go home and love your family”.

Our Global Peace Village we will help each other to do these.

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"Rather than predicting the future, it's our job to shape it" - Dr. M. S. Swaminathan, Lets join togather to make this world a better place, let us give peace a chance...Click here to join us

Our Vision

Our Vision :
To nurture Global Peace
Our Mission:
To be a piece of Peace
do it alone, person to person


Peace Villa
No. 61, VOC Street, Vishnu Nagar
Chennnai, Tamilnadu - 600 066
Telephone:   91-9840487072
E-mail:   info@peacevillage.in

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